Our company is present on the world’s five continents with its products. Of these, one of our premium quality products beloved by many is the UW Premium family, which thanks to its high herbal content offers an effective solution to numerous skin, musculoskeletal, musculature and joint problems. Besides these, it may be used with good results in the area of sport and fitness.

Who are we?

A brand which from the very beginning has held quality and the priority of satisfying individual requirements in high esteem.

uw premium kéz
Why we work

So that after the respect acquired on the international cosmetics market, we will also be recognised here at home.

uw premium ikon pálca
What we would like to change

Misleading, imprecise information in connection with cosmetics industry products.

uw premium taps ikon
What we value

Honesty, decent prices and unconditional commitment to quality

Let’s talks about numbers!

We’ll show you a few numbers which prove the popularity of our UW Premium preparations nationwide.

In shops throughout the country

Our high quality products have received a vote of confidence in many parts of the country.

kg essential oils/year

Besides the herbal extracts, the quantity of essential oils used is also significant.

kg herbal extracts/year

We use high quality extracts cultivated in this country in the preparation of our products.