UW Premium ikon

High active ingredient content

From the first moment, we care that the active ingredient content of our preparations to be outstandingly above average.

UW Premium ikon

Top quality components

We purchase our medicinal herbs from controlled sources of cultivation, also free from animal testing.

UW Premium gyors felszívódás ikon

Maximum experience

Thanks to our own developed cosmetic emulsion, our creams are characterized by quick and effective absorption without stains.


A piece of nature

The rich formulas of our UW Premium products are effective in tackling a wide range of musculoskeletal, skin, muscle and joint problems. In development we paid great attention and focus on the above-average content and the synergistic effect of the herbal extracts.
The unique cosmetic emulsion provides an easy feeling with fast and effective absorption.
The most important aspect of our development is to provide assistance to relieve the unpleasant symptoms in the most effective way, and all this to do a very favorable price so that premium quality not to be only a privilege for some.

"God has never created a disease for which he has not also created a medicine." Paracelsus

What do the numbers say?

UW Premium creams are often designed to solve problems that come with direct customer requests. Their efficiency is proven by the satisfaction of our customers.

types of UW Premium cream

Based on our own unique ideas, there are currently 16 UW Premium products among our 200 active recipes.

treatment for problems

We strive to multiply the power of the individual active ingredients, which we achieve by using them in combination.

types of active agent

We strive to multiply the power of the individual active agents, which we achieve by using them in combination.

Our newest products

Our customers love us

UW Premium SOS kézkrém

I adore it! I simply adore the SOS cream. I have to wash my hands frequently, so they are always red and cracked. They almost bleed, or at least they used to. The SOS hand cream is absorbed in a moment, but even so I don’t need to use it every five minutes. My skin feels instant relief!

Fanni Pálffy