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100% guarantee

we have 100% confidence in the quality of our products, but if any of our customers are dissatisfied, we refund the full purchase price.

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Lovable prices

Premium quality at an affordable price, this is not just a slogan a slogan for us. The value for money of our products is the best in this category.

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Skin friendly composition

The composition of our preparations complies with all Hungarian and international regulations. They do not contain hazardous substances. We test and use our products on ourselves too.

Discover the UW Premium creams!

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60% pure aloe vera juice content! An immediate skin soothing and regenerating effect, the active ingredients forms a protective layer on the skin, helping to maintain deep hydration and faster regeneration of the skins cell.

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Improves the blood supply to the skin surface. It reduces muscle contractions of sporting accidents, the painful complaints of jerks or fractures. Can provide effective help against insect bites.

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Specifically for dry, sensitive and damaged skin. The cream contains hydrating, nourishing active ingredients in significant concentrations. For the treatment of eczema and sunburn. Coconut oil and beeswax for velvety skin.

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The black comfrey extract in extremely high concentration is known for its bone tissue and bone regenerating effect. Calendula and chamomile reduce inflammation, cucumber hydrates, coconut oil softens.

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For daily care of body parts affected by cellulite, for lightening striae, for tightening skin: with extremely high active ingredient content. Caffeine boosts blood circulation, green tea and L-carnitine aid the removal of fats and roughage.

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A cream which is effective against musculoskeletal complaints and skin problems at the same time. The balm contains 12 types of valuable herbal essential oils and extracts. It is further recommended for cooling and soothing the skin following grazes and insect bites.

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The peat mud extract in the product improves blood circulation, boosts oxygen supply to the cells and removing the accumulated roughage from connective tissues. The cooling, refreshing effect is due to the menthol and camphor content.

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Revitalises and conditions limbs suffering from varicose veins and spider veins! The high concentration of horse chestnut and other valuable active ingredients contributes to the healthy venous and capillary circulation of the foot.

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Five herbal extracts, two essential oils, as well as menthol, camphor and capsaicin exert their effect immediately upon absorption. It can be used to warm up muscles, to regenerate heavily used muscles, while also nourishing the skin.

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With its moisturizing effect and rich components it provides quick help, even for the most dried out hands! Maximum hydration with the power of precious coconut butter, urea and honey. For quick and effective care of drastically dried hands.

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Contains skin nourishing urea and coconut oil, thus helping to eliminate epidermal damage. Thanks to the antibacterial and disinfectant effect of the rich tea tree oil content, it also protects existing skin injuries from becoming infected.

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Especially for rheumatic and musculoskeletal complaints. The light cosmetic emulsion is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, its main active ingredients are anti-inflammatory and have analgesic effect.

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For the uncomfortable symptoms of pulled muscles, closed sporting injuries and muscle stiffness. Capsaicin and red grape leaf extract boost blood circulation. Menthol and camphor have an invigorating effect. The rosemary and eucalyptus oils, the devil’s claw, black comfrey and arnica extracts have a painful effect.

UW Premium Medvebalzsam
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UW Premium Bear Balm is one of the youngest members of the product line. It is recommended for the regeneration of heavily used, tired muscles and for the alleviation of pain. It is suitable in cases of pulled muscles, sprains and cramps, also useful for rheumatic and joint disorders.

UW Premium Jégzselé
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The UW Premium Ice Gel is an easy-to-absorb, instant-cooling gel with natural menthol and camphor. Recommended for cooling body parts or for heavily strained body parts in heavy physical work.

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Maximum antioxidant effect with the power of green tea and the blood circulation promoting effect of caffeine extract. The cucumber extract stimulates collagen production. The skin will be tight and brilliant with the aid of rosemary oil. Usage: before sporting, or for massaging and wrapping body parts affected by cellulite.

Our customers love our preparations

Az UW Premium Fitness krém terméktapasztalat

"I love the Fitness cream, because one cream is enough to drag around in my bag when I go to the gym. Fitness cream is good for warming up, for relaxing the muscles after training, for injuries, it hydrates, tautens the skin, it is good for almost anything that I need there."

Panni Szilágyi